Civil War Strategy — Episode 3: The Civil War in the Eastern Theater – Strategic Highlights

Show Notes

This is the first in a series of three episodes concentrating on the strategic-level characteristics, geography, and personalities of the three major theaters of war.

In this podcast, we examine the Eastern Theater in light of these considerations and briefly discuss its most important campaigns, with a focus on Virginia—termed “the cockpit of the war.”

Civil War Strategy — Episode 2: The Strategic Background – Why the Civil War Occurred

Show Notes

Why the American Civil War occurred has been the subject of much debate and thousands of books since the guns fell silent in 1865.

In this episode, we will decomplicate the complex political, social, and economic background behind the coming of the war, discuss these factors in common-sense terms, and offer a few thoughts about the phenomenon of war causation.

Truth in disclosure: this is necessarily a longer discussion, so sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Civil War Strategy — Episode 1: An Introduction to Strategy

Show Notes

In this episode, we set the theoretical foundations for understanding what strategy and operations are and how to think about them in context of the American Civil War. 

We cover the ends-ways-means-risk paradigm, the DIME construct, and the levels of war and strategy and their corresponding leadership responsibilities. 

We also discuss the initial strategies of both the Union and the Confederacy and briefly trace how they evolved as the war progressed.

Civil War Strategy Trailer